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You can link TypePad blog entries with Wikispaces pages and import those blog entries into Wikispaces pages. The imported text can then be edited just like regular Wikispaces content. Linking with Blogger is not currently an option.

Conceptually, you might want to use the content of some of your blog entries to build long-lived material on your wiki.

For example, you might be a mathematics class in which each student has a blog where they post math problems they are having trouble with. Each student could link their math problem blog entries to a page on the class wiki where the class catalogues these problems for later review.

Or you could be a group of political bloggers. You might set up a wiki with topic related pages so that all your rants about the supreme court, free markets, and taxation, could be collated and turned into a set of coherent diatribes.

We'd love to hear what you think about this feature. [| Let us know.]

How it Works

On the Wikispaces side, there are two relevant pages.

Integrate a Blog

  1. Click "My Account" in the top right hand corner of any page on Wikispaces
  2. Next to "Blog Integration" click to add a blog
  3. Select your blog provider, enter your blog user name and password and click "Add Blog"

Import a Blog Entry

  1. In your Wikispaces space, click "Manage Space" in the left hand menu bar
  2. Under "Space Contents" click "Import a Blog Entry"
  3. If you have added multiple blogs to your account, or if you have multiple blogs on one of the blog accounts, you'll need to choose the blog you want to import from.
  4. Select one of your blog entries from the drop down list, select either an existing page or specify a new page to import into, click "Import Blog Entry"
  5. You'll be taken to the edit page of the page you specify and the contents of that blog entry will be appended to the bottom of the page.