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help index

Look through these pages for help on how to use Wikispaces.

How to Use Wikispaces

Help: Our main set of instructions on how to use Wikispaces
Tour: A series of brief movies demonstrating the features of Wikispaces

Help Sub-categories

  • Anchors: How to use anchors on pages
  • Code: How to use color-highlighted source code blocks on pages
  • Blog Integration: How to integrate your blog with your wikispace
  • Images: How to use images (pictures) on Wikispaces
  • Media: How to embed media on Wikispaces using wikitext
  • RSS Includes: How to include RSS feed summaries in pages
  • Theme Components: How to modify your theme using HTML markup
  • Variables: How to include dynamic information about your page or space on your pages
  • Web Folders (WebDav): How to access your space as a web folder
  • Wikitext: How to use text markup for those who don't want to use the visual editor