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help webdav
Table of Contents

Web Folders (WebDAV) Support Using Web Folders Setting up Web Folders Access File structure Supported operations

Web Folders (WebDAV) Support

\\ Wikispaces allows you to access the pages and files in your space like your space was a folder on your desktop.\\ \\

Using Web Folders

\\ To use Web Folders you need to setup your computer or WebDAV client to access the address:\\ \\


\\ You will be prompted for your Wikispaces username and password to gain access.\\ \\

Setting up Web Folders Access

\\ These tutorials may help you setup Web Folders for your Wikispace.\\

 *  Windows XP
 *  Mac OS X


File structure

\\ Your Web Folder will be organized into three main directories. They are:\\

 * **pages:** The pages in your Wikispace. The files in this directory contain the latest version of the  wiki text of each page.
 * **files:** The files uploaded to your Wikispace.
 * **history:** A collection of directories, each one corresponding to a page in your Wikispace. Inside each of these directories is every historical version of each of the pages in your Wikispace. These files contain the  wiki text of the page for the given version.


Supported operations

\\ Web Folders access is governed by the same permissions as usually apply to your space. For example, a non-member of a protected space cannot change a page. Also, a non-organizer cannot delete files.\\ \\ We also provide different levels of Web Folder access depending on your space subscription level. Here is a full list of supported operations:\\ \\

^ \\ ^ Subscription Level\\ ^^^^ ^ Operation\\ ^ Basic\\ ^ Plus\\ ^ Super\\ ^ Private Label\\ ^ | **GET**\\ Retrieve the contents of **pages**, **files**, and previous page versions under **history**.\\ ||external image checkmark.gif}}\\ | Template:Http:''\\ | Template:Http:''\\ | Template:Http:''\\ | Template:Http:''\\ | Template:Http:''\\ | {{|external image checkmark.gif\\ |