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This is the New Home of home of the W&M Wikis

Introduction to Wikis

WMwikis provides members of the College of William and Mary Community with a space to collaborate and share ideas with one another and engage with the world beyond the College. WMwikis is maintained by the staff at the Academic Information Services group, in partnership with our colleagues in the School of Education.

The uses of Wikis by individuals, informal groups and academic and administrative office are limited only by your imagination and your ability to put words on "paper". If you have never used a wiki, or would like to know the advantages of using a wiki, check out[Wikis in Plain English from Common Craft. The folks at Common Craft have put together a great (and short) plain-English introduction to wikis. [file/view/wiki_tutorial_cover.PNG/192765548/292x378/wiki_tutorial_cover.PNG|wiki_tutorial_cover.PNG If you are new to WMwikis, click on the image above to view the W&M Wikis Tutorial for starting your wiki. Click the bottom right corner of each page to turn the page. (Yudu is a free online publishing service for paperless publications).