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include page="image tags header"

Adding an image to a space

Images are uploaded to spaces and can then be inserted into any page in that space.

  1. On any page in your space click "Manage Space"
  2. Click "List and Upload Files"
  3. Browse to select your file then click "Send File"

Including an image that has already been uploaded

  1. Insert the following code [[``image:imagename``]] into your page, where imagename is the file name of the image as it was uploaded. (Note that file names are case sensitive).
  2. The image will appear on your page when you are finished editing

Finding out what images are available on your space

  1. When logged in and on a page in your space, click "Manage Space" on the left hand side
  2. Click on "List files"

Including external images

You can also include images not hosted on Wikispaces. Use the same image tag and reference a URL, for example:

image:walking.jpg File:Http://


attribute example result description
image:imagename | File:Www-wikispaces-logo.gif include uploaded image
width"pixel" | File:Www-wikispaces-logo.gif width="50" determine width of image
height"pixel" | File:Www-wikispaces-logo.gif height="80" determine height of image
align"left" | File:Www-wikispaces-logo.gif align="left" Float the image to the left and wrap the text around it
align"right" [[image:www-wikispaces-logo.gif align'''"right"]] Float the image to the right and wrap the text around it
align"center" | File:Www-wikispaces-logo.gif align="center" Center the image in the middle of the page or table cell
link"page" | File:Www-wikispaces-logo.gif link="image tags" Make the image a link to another page or URL
caption"an image caption" | File:Www-wikispaces-logo.gif caption="This is the Wikispaces logo" Adds a caption for the image

Image Links

The image link attribute uses the same syntax as the link tag. The following are all valid:

page name alone [[image:www-wikispaces-logo.gif link="image tags"]]
space:page name [[image:www-wikispaces-logo.gif link="www:image tags"]]
full URL [[image:www-wikispaces-logo.gif link=""]]