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Hello! My name is Kaitlin Van Buren, and I am a junior here at William & Mary majoring in both Elementary Education and Art History.I am from Norfolk, Virginia just a short trip away from Williamsburg. I have a little different educational background than most of my peers, for I attended the same private school from first to twelfth grade.I have never taken an SOL nor been in a public school system, so I am a little nervous to start classroom teaching.Although I adore all elementary students, I would love to teach 5th grade because I want my students to have already developed their reading abilities.Writing has always been my passion, so I want to share that passion with my students and develop their writing and grammar skills.I feel that children struggle with writing when they arrive in middle and high school, and a strong foundation of writing skills at an early age can prevent this.My goal is to approach learning with enthusiasm and as a group effort.Too many students sit quietly in the back of the classroom too afraid to speak up for fear that they may have the wrong answer.I want to break away the walls of trepidation and engage all of my students, so that they may all see learning as a fun experience!