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As I reflect on what I want others to know about me, the images that appear include mother, wife, teacher, daughter, and student. Teaching has been my passion for many years. Even when I was in second grade I knew I wanted to become a teacher. My journey as an educator has taken me to Maryland, Germany (Munich, Berlin, and Frankfurt), Virginia, and England (London). My desire to increase my knowledge and improve my craft has resulted in the pursuit of advance degrees in Special Education and in Counseling. I am currently working on my PhD in Educational Leadership at the College of William & Mary.

My greatest accomplishments have been my daughters. Alexis is currently a Special Education teacher in Virginia; and Sabrina is a photojournalist for a newspaper in Virginia.

My husband, Jim has dedicated his life in service to his country. His job has taken us to Europe where I had the opportunity to teach in international schools. Our travels and the friends we made enriched my life. Training opportunities and collaboration with educators from other countries broadened my knowledge and perspective.