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Robbie Wnukowski History and Secondary Education-Social Studies Teaching Intern at Phoebus H.S. - World History II

Hi! I'm Robbie Wnukowski, and welcome to my profile. As you can see, I love history. It was my love of history from a very young age that convinced me that I would pursue a career in that field. Some people eat, breathe, and drink history each and every day. I decided to take it one step further and make it my full time job too. Colonial history has been my passion since I can remember. Beginning when I was twelve I became a Revolutionary War living historian where I got my first taste of talking to groups of people and teaching them something they didn't know while making it interesting at the same time. Once I got to William and Mary, I knew I had to teach. I could not think of a better career than one in which I can discuss history all day long, teach someone something they didn't know before, and make my passion interesting and valuable to someone else; all while getting paid for it.

Stepping into my classroom, visitors are going to see authentic learning taking place. They are going to experience a warm atmosphere where students engage in open discussions to tackle tough issues. They are going to see a class where the teacher facilitates learning and students build their own knowledge. My classroom will be a history laboratory where theories are proposed, hypotheses are tested, and history can be touched, felt, and valued. I hope to take my passion for history, coupled with my experience as an interpreter at Colonial Williamsburg, and combine it with my training in order to educate students in underachieving schools. My greatest fear is that my philosophy and teaching methods will be met with opposition from administration.