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Teaching is a second career for me. I was an Air Force officer for twenty years and retired in 2000. While in the Air Force, I had the opportunity to teach some military-related classes at the Air Force Academy and really enjoyed it and so decided I would like to become a teacher. I earned an MS in Education and became a middle school math teacher. I also have an MA in History and so am also licensed to teach high school history. I also teach a math course for gifted kindergarten and first grade students as part of the William and Mary Center for Gifted Education's Saturday/Summer Enrichment Program. For the past three years, I have been a full-time doctoral student in William and Mary's EPPL Program. I have finished my coursework for my Ph.D. in Curriculum Leadership (emphasis areas of math and gifted), and will conduct my dissertation study during the fall of 2010. I anticipate graduating in May 2011.