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Hi guys, my name is Mary. I'm a 7th grader at American International Sshool. My favorite subject at school is Science and Math. My favorite color is purple. I also like, Facebook-ing, singing (eventhough I think that my voice sound that good :)) ), chatting with my friends... I would love to hang out with my friends but unfortunately, my mom won't let me. My bestfriends are: Vie Dinh and Maria Ho (a.k.a. Ria Maria Regina). You could call me a nerd because I love studying, I once beg my mom to go to school, for extra studying. My friends usually call me Mar short for Mary. I prefer call by Mar when I'm hangin' around my friends. I'm a music-holic :)), I like reading books and comics too. When you read book it's like there's a whole different world infront og you, a door waiting you to open, when you open up a book, it's actually entering a new world. 3 things that I would brought with me on a stranded island are food, my IPod ( I wish I have one but anyway...), and uhm... chosing betwen a Laptop and a book. When you bring a Laptop, you can read more than just one book, soo I think that I will bring a LapTop with me!!!!! My Yahoo is trangiahan005, my Facebook is Mary Tran, feel free, to add my yahoo, I love making new friends. :)) PEACE out Y0!!!!!

Information about me ~
Name : Mary Tran Gia Han
Nickname: Mar
The very first day that my parent got tortured: 18th February 1998
Favorie food: ICe-cream, donuts,