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Setting up Web Folders on OS X

\\ 1. Switch to the Finder. You can do this by clicking on your desktop.\\ \\ 2. Click the "Go" menu and select "Connect to Server...".\\ \\ /file/view/WebDav-OSX1.png|WebDav-OSX1.png}}\\ \\ 3. Under "Server Address:" type in:\\ \\ http:YOURSPACENAME.wikispaces.com/space/dav\\ \\ and then click "Connect". You may experience a brief delay, so be patient.\\ \\ Template:/file/view/WebDav-OSX2.png\\ \\ 4. When prompted, enter your Wikispaces username and password. You may select "Remember this password" if you don't want to be asked for your username and password again. Click "OK".\\ \\ Template:/file/view/WebDav-OSX3.png\\ \\ 5. You're done. You should now see your Web Folder open in front of you as well as a shortcut icon on your desktop.\\ \\ {{/file/view/WebDav-OSX4.png|WebDav-OSX4.png\\ [Ellen's cartoon.pdf[EHStechcommittee.doc