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Wikispaces supports adding embedded pictures, video, applications and other media through the use of the [[media]] tag. Using this tool, you can embed video clips, sounds and music, chat clients, and any other content designed to be shared from HTML pages. The easiest way to use this is to use the "Embed Media" tool from the visual editor (File:Http:// or the text editor. In the popup window that appears, paste the HTML code given to you by the content provider.

All valid HTML can be included on a page. Popular embedded content will be detected and converted to the appropriate tag. Other content will be given a custom tag.

For media types that are recognized by Wikispaces, you do not need to use the popup tool, though it is more convenient. These types can be added without the use of the "Embed Media" popup in both the visual and text editor, and can be changed directly in the editor. The media tag that is added to your page for a YouTube video, for example, has the following format:

[[media type="youtube" key="guDxHFA1OzE" height="100" width="200"]]

The required parameters are type and key (and sometimes arg0), and the rest are optional.

type The type of the media to display. See the table of supported types below.
key The unique Key or ID of the content, from the provider of that content. See the table of supported types below, to see what the key means for each type.
height The height of the content to be displayed, in pixels. Defaults to a value provided by the content provider.
width The width of the content to be displayed, in pixels. Defaults to a value provided by the content provider.
arg0 Additional settings sometimes required. See the table of supported types below.

Supported Types

Type Key arg0
google Google Video] ID N/A
yahoo Yahoo Video] ID N/A
youtube YouTube] Video ID N/A
odeo Odeo] Podcast ID URL of MP3 to play
gabbly Gabbly] Chat URL N/A
airset Airset] Calendar ID N/A
clocklink ClockLink] Clock Type Timezone
googlecalendar Google Calendar] Email Address Additional URL arguments
skype Skype] Username Image name
skypestatus Skype] Username Button type
bliptv BlipTV] ID N/A
slide Slide] Slideshow ID N/A
mychess PGN Filename (uploaded in your Wikispace) "on" to turn puzzle mode on
teachertube TeacherTube] ID N/A
meebo Meebo] ID N/A
yackpack Yackpack] ID N/A
googlespreadsheet Google Spreadsheet] ID N/A
flickr Flickr] User ID Flickr Tag
delicious Delicious] Tag N/A
surveygizmo Survey Gizmo] Survey ID N/A
imeem Imeem] ID N/A
googlemap Google Maps] ID N/A
frappr Frappr] ID N/A
scribd Scribd] Document ID N/A
bittybrowser Bitty Browser] N/A
file Filename of a file uploaded to Wikispaces N/A
custom generated by Wikispaces N/A

NOTE: A media tag with type custom cannot be created or changed from the editor, and requires using the "Embed Media" popup tool.