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wikitext rss

Wikispaces supports the inclusion of RSS and ATOM feed summaries in pages. Many different types of pages like blogs, news, forums, and bookmarking service have feeds that will show you changed or new entries.

To show the 3 last entries on the Wikispaces blog put the following on your Wikispaces page:
[[rss url="" number="3"]]

Wikispaces by TES Blog

The only part that's required is url; here are the rest of the options:

full URL to the feed (required)
title text to display above the feed (or blank for none)
how many items to show, default 10
to show each item's description text, either "true" or default "false"
to show the item date after the title, either "true" or default "false"
to show the author of the item after the title, either "true" or default "false"
the number of characters to show in the description, max. 250
to show each item's media enclosures (audio, video, pictures), either "true" or default "false"

Here's an example that uses all of these options:
[[rss url="" title="Wikispaces Blog" number="5" description="true" date="true" author="true" length="80" enclosure="true"]]

Wikispaces Blog

For performance reasons and to be good Internet citizens, we store the results of a feed for one hour before trying to refresh it.